Pusat info promo & event kota Medan @couchsurfingmedan: HORAS! The Weekly Friday Night Gathering.. This event is open to everyone, newbies, travelers, veteran couchsurfers all are welcome. It’s a very friendly group, guarante! Informal gath, there’s no program, just hanging out together with friends new and old. And you can bring anyone, so bring your co-workers, cousins, friends, etc., even if they’re not in CS. The event runs at night, if you wanna continue until midnite, it’s very wellcome.. While there is no program, since CS is a traveler’s website, the better conversation topic is traveling. Talk about trips you want to take, share tips about where you’ve been, show photos you’ve taken. The one common thread for everyone in CS is their love of traveling. Friday, 5 April 2015 Up beer & cafe Jl.candi mendut, medan. 08pm-10pm – Dress code: wear whatever you like – Place was booked in the name of couchsurfing medan – Be friendly. That is the only rule Finally, have fun. The Weekly Friday event is about fun! On Friday nights all over the world, there is a CS gathering. Whether you’re in Singapore, Dubai, London, Timor Leste, etc, there is a weekly Friday night gathering. And this is Medan’s version, don’t miss it. Contact person: Ilham, 0811662366 Naomi, 08116501529 see yaaaaa

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