.@vesparkindoWHAT SEPARATES VESPA FROM THE REST?Vespa is the standard to which all scooters are compared. Vespa represents the entire scooter industry by its very name. Vespa represents the finest combination of form, function, and performance in the industry.WHY IS VESPA THE BEST?Vespa steel monocoque frame provides greater rigidity–delivering a superior ride and long-term durability. The steel body will last for generations and not deteriorate quickly like plastic. It’s one of the reasons why you see so many vintage Vespas from the ’50’s and ’60’s on the road today.Compared to other inexpensive scooters, it is more expensive to build the Vespa monocoque steel frame. The advantages of monocoque construction include solidity and heft, which translates to a smooth, stable ride, among other things. Other scooters are built with tubular frames:It is the considerably lower cost of a tubular frame as shown in the picture on top that makes such construction the preferred method for inexpensive scooters

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